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Inspiring a Bit of Kindness

A kind heart generates beauty and the practice or quality of being kind defines kindness. A considerate or helpful act defines it further. So many of us spread kindness in various ways. In addition, we read and hear about acts of kindness happening all around the world. In Auckland, New Zealand, a newlywed couple took time from their wedding day to help a homeless man.

The Huffington Post published an article, in connection with Dignity Health, displaying the drawings from six children, ages four to eleven, that described their recent encounters of kindness. Each drawing warms the heart.

Imagine what a difference it would make if more people opened their hearts to spread kindness on a constant basis. The quotes listed here inspire kindness through a smile, love or a simple act.











Kindness can be a simple gesture. When I enter or leave a room through a door, sometimes there is a person also coming through behind me. In those instances, I make it a habit to hold the door for that person, giving them a chance to grab it, as I walk through. It’s a small gesture, but one of kindness and courtesy. 🙂

Question: Just a little bit of kindness can mean a whole lot. What’s one of your recent acts of kindness?

  • Alice Gerard

    Some of the acts of kindness are little, like a hug. They don’t seem like much to me, but to the recipient, they could be everything. Recently, I called a friend, whose cat was seriously ill, to check in with her and to make sure that she was OK. She loves her furbaby. She later posted in facebook about how happy that she was that I called her. It was a little gift that meant so much to a person with a sick cat.

    • Jeanette

      Alice, no acts of kindness are too small. In most cases, it’s the little things that matter the most. Your call to a friend showed that you cared which was meaningful to that person. That was a nice gesture of kindness. Thanks for sharing.